Steel fabrication is a job that involves creation of components and then assembly of these components to come up with the desired steel structure or framework. It is like creating the skeleton that makes up the solid foundation upon which the strength and durability of any structure or building depends. RaziaEhsan is a leading construction company that is acknowledged as an expert in steel fabrication. We have the capability and the expertise to manufacture the steel frame desired by the client not only with steel sections available in the market but also with special sections developed in our own plant.

Steel Fabrication

We have the most advanced technical knowhow that is essential for design and finally the erection of the steel framework at the site of the client. We have a strong portfolio that is enough to prove our capabilities in the field of fabrication of steel. Whether it is a warehouse, a showroom, a factory, a bridge, a rooftop, a railing, a platform, an escalator, a staircase or just about any structure made of steel, RaziaEhsan is the company to approach for carrying out the project. In fact, RaziaEhsan is the name that comes to mind whenever a steel frame is required that is not only functional and strong but also highly durable. Our services include:

  • Fabrication of steel bridges and arches
  • Shipping of steel components to infrastructure industries
  • Erection services to help in lifting of heavy components
  • Emergency services to replace faulty steel parts in the structure
  • Industrial, residential, and commercial construction of steel frames

Project Management & Coordination

After a deal with the client has been struck, RaziaEhsan assigns a project manager and makes a team comprising him, a field superintendent, an engineer, and the support staff as may be necessary to start the project. We keep an eye on the progress and make an assessment regularly to make sure that the construction project is over before the deadline given to us by the client. It is during the stage of construction that the liasoning abilities of XX come to the fore as we have strong connections with traders supplying the raw materials required to carry out the construction.

Our clients know that they can relax and breathe easy once they have given us the responsibility of design and erection of a particular steel structure. RaziaEhsan has a policy to keep the client in the know at all stages of the project. This includes giving progress report to the client and keeping a tab on cost control. It is no wonder then that RaziaEhsan has emerged as the preferred choice of the companies in both the private as well as public sector whenever it comes to design and erection of steel structures of different shapes and sizes.