Lean construction is a practice that is being adopted by many construction companies across the country these days. RaziaEhsan happens to be one of the pioneers of this concept and today it is recognized as a leading construction company following lean approach in construction. It is a practice that tries to minimize the cost of construction while enhancing the value of the project. It is a policy that is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the projects. RaziaEhsan realized the importance of lean construction quite early and put into practice techniques that helped in improving the outcome of a project.

Lean Construction

Lean Constructing Excellence

Lean construction came naturally to us as we did not copy paste the approach or impose upon ourselves from outside. We did not go after lean construction just for the sake of being ahead of the others in following this trend. For us, it is the quality and productivity that remain the top deciding factors in any construction project. But we realized that we could offer value to our clients by switching to lean construction. It was more a matter of self exploration and education than a principle being taught to us by someone from outside.

At RaziaEhsan, we are driven by our passion to create something better than our last creation. We are always looking for improvement in all aspects of construction, and lean construction became a part of our policy and approach as it offered us ways to better and improve ourselves. It is a matter of pride and happiness for us when we are able to complete a project in less than our estimate as it adds value not only to the project but also helps in saving a lot of money of the client. Lean construction has taught us that there is always a better way of doing things. And we go for it in our quest for excellence and self satisfaction

Our Approach

Construction is one activity that involves use of costly raw materials. From iron and steel to wood and from cement and concrete to paints and tiles, the cost of raw materials contributes a very high percentage of the total cost of the product. We have learnt how to minimize wastage of this raw material that goes on to add to our savings in every construction project that we handle.

If you want to take advantage of lean construction, you are welcome to hand over the responsibility of construction to RaziaEhsan.