We are AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS COMPANY, a name that has become synonymous with visually appealing and highly functional structures around the country. We are one of the leading construction companies known for very durable buildings in all sectors of economy. We had humble beginnings but we were able to carve a niche for ourselves in the world of construction because of our commitment to quality and a strong faith in our own abilities. Today we are the undisputed leaders in the world of construction whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial.

Our Experience with Excellence

Today, after years of activities in the field of construction, the name AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS COMPANY shines like a true star in the skylines of most of the cities of the country. We are proud to have played our modest part in not only the mega housing and residential projects but also commercial buildings, recreation parks, hospitals, airports, gigantic steel structures, and all types of industrial complexes and factories.


It is not just the highly skilled workforce but also our policy of following the latest and most scientific business processes that makes us feel confident when we encounter new challenges. Over the years, we have acquired not just world class equipment and tools but also state of the art technology that keeps us ahead of our competitors.
If there are two virtues that have helped us hugely in the business of construction, they got to be honesty and reliability. We understand the value of deadlines in this field where mammoth investments of the client are on stake. Any delay in completion of the project can result in huge losses. This is why make sure to complete the projects on time. We remain honest and transparent with our clients. It helps in building trust and faith. It is our reliability that is the cornerstone of our outstanding success as builders and contractors.
The huge experienced earned by AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS COMPANY over the years in the field of construction has meant that the company is today able to undertake all types of projects in all sectors of the economy. Having a professional and dedicated workforce, we are confident that we can undertake and complete any project irrespective of its nature and size.
AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS COMPANY has strategic alliances with business leaders in different industries to make sure that our projects move forward at a fast speed without facing any obstacles. It is our motto to keep our clients happy and satisfied. We make promises and also deliver upon them without missing deadlines.

Our Crazy Skills

General Contracting 95
Lean Construction & Mason Work 90
Interior Building & Design Consultants 85
Property Management 75

Meet Our Team

Sohail Saeed
Sohail SaeedBusiness Development Officer
Muhammd Ilyas
Muhammd IlyasLabour Supervisor