AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS is a leading construction company in the region. We are the proud creators of some of the most iconic construction projects around the country. To our credit go the most impressive buildings and skyscrapers in the skyline of the major cities around the country. We have played a crucial role in shaping the industrial infrastructure while we have also left our stamp on many other sectors like health, hospitality, recreation, and residential and commercial complexes.

AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS is the company to look up to whenever there is work to be done through general contracting. No matter what the kind of iron and steel fabrication is required at the end of the client. AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS has talented and dedicated workforce to realize the dreams of the client. Company has won many awards in recognition for its invaluable services in the fields of manufacturing and construction. No barrier exists that can come in way of AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS and its dreams. With technical and manual support from us, many projects that initially looked impossible have been completed within deadlines. No project is too big or too difficult for AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS as we have the ware withal to handle all kinds of projects whether private or public.

We Stop at Nothing

RAZIAEHSAN has a huge reservoir of experience and expertise to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes in all types of industries. We are not limited to building residential and commercial complexes though all of our structures are marvels of engineering and architecture.

In addition, RAZIAEHSAN can also be seen in retail, iron and steel, oil and natural gas, logistics and shipping, aviation, food processing, automobile, healthcare, and many other sectors.





General Contracting

We are able to achieve this aim through general contracting, which is nothing but utilizing our strong & unparalleled industry experience that earned over the years.

Interior Consultant

We undertake construction projects of gigantic proportions and play our part in the development of the infrastructure and industry of the nation.

Lean Construction & Mason Work

Lean construction & Mason Work is a practice that is being adopted by many construction companies across the country these days.

Property Management

We have multiple management options for residential & commercial units. We are handling bungalows, apartments, buildings & complexes.

Steel Structure Fabrication

Steel fabrication is a job that involves creation of components & then assembly of these components to come up with the desired steel structure or framework.

CCTV Camera Technicians

CCTV Camera help the owner of a premise or facility to keep a continuous and close eye on the employees, visitors, and other people.

Our Projects Speak volumes About Our Expertise

AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS CONT. LLC is renowned as a builder par excellence because of the visual appeal, functionality, and durability of its projects. But what attracts our clients is the policy of the company to strive to maintain highest standards of health and safety. One only needs to take a look at the portfolio of AL RUKN AL ANEEQ PLASTERS TILES & PAINTS CONT. LLC to know the capabilities of the company.